Sugar Free Yogurt

Sugar free yogurt is known to be one of the most popular and the healthiest of foods available in the market nowadays which has a lot of health benefits for people who suffer from diabetes or any other disease. The quality that make Sugar Free Yogurt healthy and beneficial for people is its rich content of protein and calcium which serves to be a great source of energy and dietary food for the people. There are a large number of manufacturers that add good tons of sugar to the yogurts that they make but the yogurts that are made for patients are free from sugar, or else they may have artificial or low-calorie natural sugar that is good for the health of the people. It has been found through studies that sugar in yogurts can cause a lot of damage to the health of a human being and at the same time the sugar content in yogurt also carries away the nutritional value of yogurt.

The Contents of Yogurt

There are many people in this world who prefer sugar free yogurt because they are of the view that this type of yogurt can have a lot of health benefits but at the same time they also have a very difficult time looking for a particular brand that can supply them with good quality of yogurt that is free from sugar. Such people who look for yogurt without sugar should make it a point to understand and have the information about the basic characteristics of yogurt and its contents. The simple form of yogurt contains two main ingredients i.e. active, live cultures and milk. Yogurt is made by adding some bacteria to milk and then incubating the entire mixture till it becomes thick enough to form yogurt.

Sugar Free Yogurt

The Basic Concept of Yogurt without Sugar

It is generally known that the simple form of yogurt only contains cultures and milk but it also has to be noted that hen the nutrition level of such yogurt is studies; it is found that this type of yogurt contains some amount of sugar in it and the reason behind his is the presence of various forms of sugar. Therefore, it is advisable to go for the nutritional quality of yogurt in order to get health benefits.

The Advantages of Yogurt without Sugar

There are manifold benefits of yogurt that is free from sugar which can be illustrated as under:

a) Prevention of Osteoporosis- A substantial amount of bone-friendly calcium is present in yogurt mainly because of the fact that it is made from milk. The daily amount of calcium that is needed by a human body can be received by just having eight ounce serving of yogurt which contains forty percent calcium in it. It is advisable to carry on having regular yogurt in order to increase the calcium intake of the body.

b) The Protein Advantage- there is a lot of protein content in Sugar Free Yogurt which has at least twelve grams of protein in every eight ounce of serving. Comparatively the same amount of greek yogurt contains about fifteen to twenty grams of protein. The protein content of yogurt without sugar makes it a very healthy snack for patients of diabetes and also for those who are on a strict diet because it makes them feel full for a very long time. It is also quite advantageous for people who exercise a lot because of the protein that is present in it.

c) Support to the Digestive System- Since yogurt contains “probiotics” in the form of active, live cultures in the form of bacteria, helps the digestive system of the body to a great extent and keeps it healthy.

d) Lessens the Risk of High Level of Blood Pressure- people who maintain a considerable amount of consistency in having sugar free yogurt can maintain a balance in the risk of hypertension and every kind of problems of the heart.

e) Vaginal Infections can be avoided- Vaginal infections and the most common of them i.e. yeast infection can be avoided to a large extent with the help of the active cultures present in yogurt.

f) The Advantages of the other Nutrients- The other nutrients present in yogurt like potassium, vitamin and magnesium can provide various health benefits to a person.